Girlsway - A Flapper Girl Story

Publish Date:24.02.2023
Jenna Sativa's mom has tracked down an old family legacy: her incredible grandmas' chest. At the point when Jenna opens it up, she tracks down an old journal. Looking at it rapidly, obviously it had a place with her incredible grandma. As she recites the words without holding back, she's shipped back to when her extraordinary grandma was in her mid 20's and raising a ruckus around town's just club. We get moved back in time as Jenna plays her extraordinary grandma and is playing with every one of the young ladies. She runs into Ivy Wolfe who welcomes her into the washroom to party yet she declines. At the point when she goes into the primary room of the bar, Eliza Jane detects her from across the room. She moves to the bar to draw nearer to Jenna. Ivy sits on the far edge and her eyes lock with Eliza's. It seems as though the young ladies will attempt to label group Jenna who has no clue about what the night has available for her. The young ladies both give the barmaids a note to provide for Jenna to spread the word. Jenna grins at the two of them as they draw nearer and begin kissing her.
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