Mommy's Girl - You're All I Need

Publish Date:26.10.2022
After going shopping, Silvia Saige and her vivacious stepdaughter Kylie Rocket had returned home. Silvia seemed a little hesitant to the notion of dating again, but Kylie LOVES the beautiful clothing Silvia bought for herself. Kylie is perplexed by this reluctance because she is aware that Silvia is so gorgeous and fantastic that she can get any man or woman she wants!
The only issue is that Silvia only wants KYLIE.
The revelation initially shocks Kylie, but she quickly gets over it and says she's interested in Silvia as well. She was aware of their history of intimacy but assumed it was only a result of their friendship. Everything now makes a lot more sense now that she is aware that the feelings she has been experiencing are romantic in nature.
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