Mommy's Girl - We ALL Deserve A Day Off!

Publish Date:26.10.2022
Brittany Andrews, Mackenzie Mace's stepmother, leaves for work as she bids farewell while carrying her backpack for school. Although Mackenzie seems kind, she pulls out her phone as soon as Brittany leaves. She slyly asks Aften Opal over, indicating that she has NO INTENTIONS of attending class that day!

Aften shows in a short while later, and the girls immediately begin kissing and fondling one another. However, their time alone is short-lived as Brittany, who had forgotten her purse, returns home and discovers them playing hooky—and then some. Brittany is astonished, but she's also a touch excited in the back. She feels well enough to confront the girls about skipping school and draw their attention.
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