Mommys Girl - Too Much Of A Good Thing

Publish Date:05.01.2023
Brooke Banner is working on her laptop in the living room when her stepdaughter Sera Ryder walks in, clearly on her way out. She is dressed in revealing clothing. Brooke stops Sera, insisting on speaking with her. Sera is irritated but pauses for a moment.
Brooke gently informs Sera that she is concerned about her because she has been going out every night since she turned 18. Sera dismisses you. Sera rushes out, assuring Brooke that she has nothing to worry about.
Brooke, when left alone, appears more concerned than ever, shaking her head.
Brooke goes online to look up parenting tips. After doing some research, she discovers that allowing a person to overindulge is an effective way to break a bad habit.
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