Mommys Girl - The Block Parent

Publish Date:06.01.2023
Elexis Monroe, a lesbian MILF, hears a disturbance outside while she is masturbating in her restroom. Teenager Gia Paige is bickering with her overbearing father, who is driving her insane by attempting to keep her from maturing too quickly. Gia needs a safe place to go in the neighbourhood, so Elexis offers to be a Block Parent out of worry for her neighbour. Gia rings the doorbell and follows Elexis into the bedroom to discuss about her concerns with her dad's lack of trust when she notices the Block Parent sign in the window. If Gia had a mother, Elexis believes she would be content. Elexis would make the best, most loving mother in the world if she were Gia's mother.
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