Mommys Girl - The Better Babysitter

Publish Date:22.12.2022
Aiden Starr, a new mother, is interviewing Gianna Dior for the position of babysitter. Aiden is clearly smitten with Gianna, drawn to her beauty as she shamelessly flirts with the younger woman. Gianna, who is both attracted to Aiden and desperate for the position, turns up the heat as she and Aiden get closer.
Emma Starletto, Aiden's stepdaughter, interrupts them by sitting between them. She confronts her stepmother, upset that Aiden would give her the babysitting job after promising it to her! Aiden, on the other hand, defends her choice, claiming that she is looking for someone who is more responsible and has more... experience. She is, however, willing to conduct a few tests to determine who should be given the job.
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