Mommys Girl - The Bad Sister

Publish Date:26.01.2023
observant and astute Veronica Rodriguez is looking for her sister Natalie Monroe's diary because she wants to learn all of Natalie Monroe's darkest secrets. When Veronica learns her sister's deepest, most well-kept sexual secrets, she is in for a tremendous surprise. As Veronica continues to read, she learns that her sister has engaged in sexual experimentation with girls, revealing her lesbian identity but still being unsure of how to deal with her homosexual desires. Natalie wants to lose her virginity badly because she doesn't like any of the lads at school. Veronica has a responsibility as the older sibling to assist her sister in solving her sexual problem.
When Natalie enters her room, she is horrified to see her sister holding her diary. Veronica acknowledges having read all of Natalie's innermost thoughts.
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