Mommys Girl - Still Desirable

Publish Date:09.12.2022
Sitting on the edge of the bed, Alexis Fawx holds her face in her hands. It's clear that she is furious over something. When Jane Wilde, her stepdaughter, saw her mother unhappy, she abruptly stopped and cautiously entered the room as she was walking down the corridor and past her mother's chamber. Jane walks around the bed and sits next to her mom, softly asking, "Mom, what's wrong?" Alexis soon gathers herself and looks up. Alexis pretends that there is nothing wrong, just allergies, while forcing a forced grin on her daughter. Jane easily detects her mother's deception. Jane patiently asks Alexis, "Come on, she may only be her stepdaughter, but she can tell when her mom is upset about something. What is it?" Alexis inhales deeply.
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