Mommys Girl - Something In Common

Publish Date:08.01.2023
India Aidra Fox, Summer's stepdaughter, recently moved into a new place. As she informs India that she met someone, Aidra is uneasy. India is overjoyed and wants to know his name. As she informs India that it's actually a SHE and not a HE, Aidra exhibits shyness. Considering that Aidra has only ever dated men, India can't help but be a little astonished. Since turning 18, AIdra has been exploring more, she says.
India says softly, "I'm sure she knows entirely. India seems to have a thought in her head. In truth, India admits, "I was dating a lady in college—my roommate at the time." Aidra turns to face her once more, an eyebrow lifted in skepticism.
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