Mommys Girl - Remember Your Old Babysitter?

Publish Date:25.12.2022
Laney Grey is hopelessly in love with Ryan Keely, her stepmother. Fortunately for her, the feeling is mutual!
Although everything has been going well between them, there is still room for exploration and fun. Ryan, in fact, has an idea... Ryan happened to see Laney's old babysitter, Kenna James, and thinks it'd be fun to have her join them sometime. Laney is unsure at first, but she has to admit that her babysitter was pretty hot... Laney's game will be complete once Ryan confirms Kenna's even HOTTER now!
Kenna is pleasant and sweet when she comes over to catch up a few days later. She's glad to see them both again, though she's intrigued by how CLOSE they appear to be.
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