Mommys Girl - Practice Interview

Publish Date:07.02.2023
Athena Faris, Penny Pax's adolescent stepdaughter, walks into the room as she is working on her laptop. Athena softly begs Penny for assistance, complaining that she's having a difficult time finding a summer job. She just doesn't appear to be able to nail the interviews. Delighted, Penny consents to assist her, beginning by focusing on her credentials.
However, the more inquiries Penny makes, the more embarrassed she becomes by her daughter. No matter what Penny says, Athena always has a sexual response. The situation only gets worse from there as Penny forces Athena to test on interview attire because she keeps dressing in her skimpiest clothing!
Penny is horrified and wonders how she might assist her daughter in being successful in the workforce.
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