Mommys Girl - Our Family Doctor

Publish Date:02.01.2023
Haley Reed is having a checkup in the doctor's office, and Serene Siren is hovering close by. Haley is grateful to Serene for accompanying her to the appointment even though she is 18 and could have done so on her own. Serene's presence made Haley feel more at ease. Serene herself, though, doesn't seem to be all that at ease, particularly when Haley requests a kiss to help her relax. They're concealing something from the public, and Serene is afraid that their true relationship will be discovered. Serene is persuaded to give Haley a lovely kiss on the lips, but Haley herself is unmoved.
Dr. Serena Blair is sceptical of how messy both mothers look when she enters the office to meet her patients.
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