Mommys Girl - My New Mommy And Old Mommy

Publish Date:23.02.2023
When Kenzie Reeves enters, Mona Wales is lounging on the couch with her stepdaughter. Kenzie sneakily runs a finger down Mona's arm. Their relationship is VERY personal, that much is obvious. Kenzie, according to Mona, is ALWAYS thinking about sex. Since she's 19 years old, of COURSE it is, Kenzie replies in jest.

Mona chuckles, but when they start kissing, it's clear that they desire each other. However, they are cut off as Kenzie's phone buzzes. Kendra James, Kenzie's former stepmother, texts about needing a place to stay the night. As long as Kendra doesn't learn about their relationship, Mona agrees.
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