Mommys Girl - My Mom And Her Boss

Publish Date:19.02.2023
When Serene Siren hears a knock at the door, she is working at her office. She opens the door for the guest and is shocked to discover Kenzie Reeves, her stepdaughter. Serene queries her about her activities at work. Serene is informed by Kenzie that she has to speak with her about something. Another knock on the office door occurs at that very moment. Serene's boss Dava Foxx walks in before she can tell the visitor to enter and starts flirting with Serene while she is still unaware that Kenzie is there. She pauses when she sees Kenzie. Is that Kenzie? Oh my god, she exclaims to Serene. Serene affirms that it is indeed her, and Dava remarks that Kenzie seems so mature now.
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