Mommys Girl - Mrs. Doubtfucker: A Mrs. Doubtfire Parody

Publish Date:21.01.2023
Kenzie Taylor answers the door as it rings and welcomes Mrs. Doubtfucher, a woman who appears to be elderly and talks with an overly formal accent. "Mrs.—Doubt...fucker, I'm so glad to see you. I'm sorry, I can't recall—am I pronouncing it correctly? It has a very interesting name, I guess. Kenzie chuckles. Dear, it's pronounced "Doubt-Fyooker," as you can see, it's a German name. Responding is Mrs. Doubtfucher.
According to Kenzie, she recently got back together with her ex-husband and his daughter Mackenzie, age 18, and because of the additional people living there now, she needed a cleaner to pick up the slack. She had said this on the phone. Kenzie pauses for a second and intently examines Mrs. Doubtfucher before asking whether they have ever met since she seems SO FAMILIAR. Mrs.
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