Mommys Girl - Mother's Teacher's Pet

Publish Date:11.02.2023
High school teacher Sovereign Syre is organising her classroom. There are no students in the area because it is the end of the school day. Gianna Gem, her stepdaughter, walks by and leans in the doorway while carrying a rucksack. She seems a little irritated as she says, "Are you ready to go, Mom?" "Honey, I'm almost finished!" Says Sovereign with good humour. Gianna grumbles and threatens to walk if she takes too long. She is obviously moody.
Sovereign recognises the negative vibe right away. She queries Gianna as to the situation. Gianna is initially reluctant and appears content to be grumpy, but with some prodding from Sovereign, Gianna enters the room and places her bag on a desk.
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