Mommys Girl - Making Mom Pay

Publish Date:17.01.2023
After attending a will reading, Chloe Cherry and her stepmother Cory Chase come home. Cory expresses shock at the fact that Chloe received absolutely everything after the passing of her father. How is Cory expected to move forward? Chloe is horrified by her stepmother's judgmental remarks, pleading with her to show more deference! Her dad is DONE. She would give up all of her material possessions to get him back! If Chloe doesn't care about any of the items, maybe she wouldn't mind letting Cory have some of them, Cory asks with a charming smile. Chloe decides that enough is enough and orders Cory to leave while she packs her luggage. "I KNEW it!" Dad was never loved by you!
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