Mommys Girl - Look Who's Back

Publish Date:30.01.2023
Athena Faris, Sofie Marie's stepdaughter, shows in with a bag as Sofie Marie is lounging on the couch. Since Athena had just moved out, Sofie is taken aback by the visit. Athena sheepishly acknowledges that she and her roommate weren't getting along. Sofie reprimands Athena, claiming that she should have listened to her since she knew the roommate wouldn't be a good fit.
Embarrassed, Athena moves toward her old room anyhow. Sofie, on the other hand, chooses to turn this situation into a teaching opportunity by asserting that she previously converted Athena's old room into her own private yoga studio. Athena is in disbelief and requests permission to return home.
Sofie is stern and makes her earn it.
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