Mommys Girl - Just Couldn't Wait

Publish Date:16.12.2022
As soon as the doorbell rings, Reagan Foxx is in her living room. As she stands to respond, she grinned slyly to herself. She is greeted by Gia Paige, her step-girlfriend, daughter's when she opens the door. Hi! Gia beams, feeling a little uneasy. Reagan says, "Hello," with a note of flirting. Reagan apologises but Whitney isn't present. Gia sighs with sadness, "Well, they were going to hang out today. Gia should wait for her here as she should return shortly. Reagan says as she motions for Gia to enter.! claims Gia.
Reagan beams as they take a seat on the couch, "Whitney just went to the store, she shouldn't be long." Apparently, Whitney and her have been dating for a while.
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