Girlsway - Holy Matri-Moly!: Wet Wedding

Publish Date:13.12.2022
Being the best day of Adriana Chechik's life is assumed... however, her significant other to-be is no place to be seen! As she goes nuts before the wedding, her house keeper of honor and closest companion, Abigail Macintosh, attempts to quiet her down. In any case, when Abigail gets the news that the lucky man's flight is deferred, she knows turning out well with Adriana is not going.

As anticipated, Adriana goes ballistic. After Adriana quiets down with Abigail's assistance, Abigail cautiously recommends that perhaps this is an indication that Adriana shouldn't get hitched. Adriana is vexed until Abigail concedes that SHE adores Adriana!

Adriana is dazed as Abigail proceeds to say that it appears as though Adriana's Concealing a piece of herself when she's with the husband to be. Likewise, Adriana told her how he was unable to make her spurt as she used to, which is nothing to joke about! Was it simply a stage for Adriana or is the man of the hour not capable?
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