Mommys Girl - Hands-on Sex Ed: Part One

Publish Date:21.02.2023
For the first time in a long time, Allie Haze and Keisha Grey are hanging out together. The subject naturally turns to boys. But the girl from the party Allie attended last week is the focus of her memories. When Allie proposes they practise before meeting Justin, Keisha is unsure about her reaction. As soon as they begin kissing passionately, Allie begins pawing at Keisha's well developed breasts.
As anticipated, Keisha's stepmother Lisa Ann isn't aware of their relationship; in fact, she's supervising it. Keisha is ashamed when Lisa finally enters. Lisa tries to assuage Keisha's shame, while Allie offers some consolation by expressing the desire that her mother had intervened prior to that embarrassing party kiss.
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