Mommys Girl - Every Woman's Born Different

Publish Date:01.03.2023
Leda Lotharia inquires of her stepsister Coco Lovelock whether she has time for some girl talk. Coco is eager to talk, so Leda confides in her that she has recently discovered that she can... squirt. As they talk about it, they notice that while Leda can squirt, Coco cannot. Leda is concerned that this means she is a freak, but Coco assures her that every woman has a unique body. However, she believes that their stepmom Jessica Ryan would be better suited to explain this, so they go speak with her.
Leda and Coco approach Jessica in the kitchen a few moments later. The girls explain what's going on, and Jessica inquires as to why some girls can squirt while others cannot. Jessica explains that every woman is unique.
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