Girlsway - Dream Pairings: The Collector - 2 scenes in 1

Publish Date:26.10.2022
After being let go from her job for the tenth time, Brett Rossi had a dismal day. She decides to use a call lady since she is bored, hungry, and lonely. She visits her preferred escort website and discovers that she has developed into a bit of a collector. She finally realises how pricey hookers are. She decides to call Abigail Mac, a trainer, instead after admitting she has a problem.

Brett receives instruction from Abigail on several ass-shaking techniques as she approaches with her exercise mats. This trainer enjoys giving her students hands-on experience. Just to get herself into position, she bumps Brett's ass. Abigail is eventually told the truth by Brett about her sex addiction, who also acknowledges that she finds her workouts to be too exciting.
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