Mommys Girl - DON'T Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

Publish Date:03.01.2023
It's Bring Your Daughter To Work Day once more, and Katie Morgan, a manager at a famous corporation, freaks out when she finds out. She CANNOT allow Becky Bandini, one of her employees, to bring Emma Hix, her stepdaughter, to work after what occurred LAST year! She sends an office memo, thinking she's so clever, but conveniently 'forgets' to include Becky on the list.
The following week, when the special day arrives, Katie welcomes Becky and pretended to be unaware of it. However, she was taken aback when Becky insisted that she had heard about the day from a coworker. Emma eventually came as a result of that! In fact, Emma arrives only a short while later, which makes Katie VERY hot under the collar.
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