Porn World - Dominant Education: Strict Teacher Humiliates Submissive Student

Publish Date:20.04.2023
Have you ever been subjected to a dominant educational system? Today, Rebecca Volpetti, a subservient student, is made fun of by her tough but attractive teacher Kayla Green. As the brunette student with brown eyes works on her homework while wearing a school uniform, dominatrix Kayla decides to spank her tight, voluptuous behind. She pulls up her miniskirt and slams her book on her butt cheeks, giving them a deep red flush. She starts loosening her tie while smacking her young teen pussy with a ruler as she unfolds her white blouse. The young learner then stoop forward and has her wrists fastened. Kayla spanks her bare butt with her own hands after stuffing an anal dildo into her mouth.
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