Mommys Girl - Crashing The Slumber Party

Publish Date:20.05.2023
Lily Larimar, Athena Faris, and Maddy May are three teenagers having a sleepover while participating in a lighthearted personality test. While taking the quiz, Athena and Maddy are being a little flirtatious and cheeky, which makes Lily roll her eyes because her lusty pals are so predictable.
Sarah Vandella, Lily's stepmother, suddenly interrupts them by dropping by to offer food. Although the girls aren't hungry, Sarah is intrigued by the quiz and waits longingly. Sarah's friends notice her longing look and extend an invitation for her to join them. As Sarah joins them, she is a little embarrassed but happy, and Lily is a little irritated.
As she engages in customary teen slumber party activities with the teens, Sarah appears ecstatic.
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