Mommys Girl - Collateral Squirtage

Publish Date:14.01.2023
When something on the floor catches Elexis Monroe's attention while she is tidying up and scrubbing the kitchen counter. She stoops to inspect it more closely. There is a tiny puddle of clear liquid there. She muses to herself, "Hmm," confused. Why would a damp area exist HERE? She looks at the floor around the refrigerator and asks herself out loud, "Is the fridge leaking?" No, it seems OK, the refrigerator.
A few feet distant, in a different location closer to the end of the kitchen, she looks down again and her eyes widen. Could there be a leak in the roof? She raises her head and scans the roof with her eyes. She thinks to herself, "No water damage, doesn't SEEM like it's the roof."
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