Mommy's Girl - Close To Her Heart

Publish Date:26.10.2022
Since Alexia Anders and her stepmother Kenzie Taylor are currently home alone, Alexia is taking advantage of the occasion to offer Kenzie a unique birthday gift. Yes, Alexia had previously given a gift to Kenzie, but that was an in-public gesture as Kenzie is her stepdaughter. The second one is now her PRIVATE present to Kenzie, who is her covert LOVER.

A locket that Alexia had seen Kenzie ogling at the mall turns out to be the gift. Alexia doesn't notice Kenzie's shocked and slightly guilty expression as she enthusiastically narrates how she saved up to buy the locket and had their names inscribed within it. Kenzie will be able to keep their particular bond near to her heart in this way.
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