Mommys Girl - Busted By Mommy

Publish Date:21.12.2022
Scarlett Sage enters her stepmother's bedroom undetected, plays a Mommy's Girl DVD, and begins gratifying her shaved pussy. Jelena Jensen enters after hearing her kid wailing and confronts the teenager while still in the act. Scarlett explains that she enjoys watching mother-daughter lesbian porn because it gives her a rock-like high. Jelena makes the decision to indulge her daughter's fantasies by taking off her clothes and letting Scarlett suckle her enormous boobs and nipples. In return, Jelena suckles her daughter's perky, pierced nipples before devouring her luscious, juicy pussy. When Jelena sits on Scarlett's face and thrusts her mother's pussy all over her stepdaughter's mouth, causing Scarlett to orgasm in ecstatic lesbian, her sexual appetite reaches a peak.
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