Mommys Girl - Baited At The Slumber Party

Publish Date:07.12.2022
Freya Parker is hosting a slumber party at her home with her friend Arietta Adams. Kenzie Taylor, Freya's stepmother, asks if the girls want popcorn as they prepare to watch a movie. The girls decline, but Freya gets up to use the restroom before the film begins. Arietta notices Kenzie inspecting Freya as she leaves the room.

Arietta tells Kenzie that she can tell Kenzie is in love with Freya. After initially denying it, Kenzie admits Arietta is correct, but she refuses to act on her feelings because Freya is her stepdaughter. Arietta suggests that SHE fill in for Freya and satisfy Kenzie's desire to be with a younger woman.
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