Girlsway - A Wife's Affair: Part Five

Publish Date:26.12.2022
We saw Abigail get a devastating phone call from her husband Manolo last time you were here, telling her that everything has gone wrong and that as long as they're together, they'll be fine. Vanessa is now faced with the difficult task of retaining Abigail in her life. The collectors came for Abi's cars, furniture, house, and everything a few days later. Vanessa is saddened to hear these developments; she is trying to help Abi through this difficult time, but power has begun to irritate her. Abigail is no longer the wealthy housewife she once was, and the life Vanessa and Abigail have been living is crumbling. Vanessa assures Abigail that she will take care of her, but it is unclear how she will do so.
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