Web Young - Untouched

Publish Date:25.10.2022
When Jane Wilde hears a knock at the door, she is reading in her room. As soon as she enters, Chloe Cherry presents herself as the new roommate. They sit back on the bed and talk about school after Jayne leaps to her feet and gives her a hug. Jayne assures Chloe that she will learn to enjoy it because it is college when she admits that she is not accustomed to being around so many people. Jayne feels as though she has won the lotto when Chloe departs from her room to begin unpacking. She simply cannot believe how gorgeous Chloe is! In an effort to relax, she chooses to take a bath, but she can't help but think of Chloe. She begins to finger her pussy while masturbating in the bathtub.
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