Girlsway - Totally NOT Gay!

Publish Date:26.02.2023
Two young ladies, Lexi Beauty and Ginger Banks, are perched on a bed together, looking at one another. However, when Lexi moves in for a kiss, Ginger stops her, asking what she's doing. Lexi apologizes, saying that she assumed she was getting coy signs... Be that as it may, while Ginger says she's not gay, she's interested, so they attempt a sweet kiss...
Three years pass, and the two young ladies are presently living respectively and having a similar bed. They're lady friends, however they have a running joke about Ginger still not being gay. It seems to be Lexi's been sharing her life and being infatuated with a straight young lady the entirety of this time!
Additional time elapses, and Ginger is perched on the bed looking apprehensive. Today is the eagerly awaited day... She simply must be bold enough for it!
Ginger calls Lexi into the room and puts her down, saying they need to talk. Despite the fact that Lexi's restless right away, she before long uncovers a wedding band and proposes to Lexi - - she believes them should use whatever might remain of their coexistences! Lexi joyfully acknowledges surprisingly in an euphoric, cherishing embrace.
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