Web Young - The Nursing Student

Publish Date:11.02.2023
With the help of Gina Valentina and Alison Rey, Gina's older sister, teenager Keisha Grey goes hiking. Gina informs Keisha that her sister is in medical school and recently came out of the closet before Alison joins them. Keisha twists her ankle on the trail when they start their hike since she was wearing the wrong shoes.
Alison examines Keisha's foot as the sisters assist her in stumbling back to the house. She applies an ace bandage and asks to see her hip, a common comorbidity that is prone to bruising. When Alison touches Keisha's hip, she takes down her shorts and flinches in agony. Alison observes Keisha's underwear to be wet near the crotch. She assures Keisha it's normal while grinning within.
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