Girlsway - The Faces of Alice: Part One

Publish Date:23.01.2023
Alice (Sara Luvv) is a closeted lesbian. Dina (Bree Daniels) is a LGBTQIA rights lobbyist standing out as truly newsworthy in the paper for her job as a representative for the eccentric local area. The young ladies are seeing someone, Alice generally disapproves of Dina's receptiveness about her sexuality. Dina needs to go to the strange prom and set their adoration up for anyone to see, yet Alice is apprehensive their photographs will be distributed and everybody will realize that she licks pussy and preferences it.
She's fearing the prom, yet obediently rolls over to Dina's home, where Dina welcomes her in a conventional suit. She inquires as to why Alice isn't wearing her prom dress. However, Alice occupies her with 1,000,000 kisses. She removes her bra uncovering her puffy areolas, hampering Dina's capacity to think straight. Alice takes off her pants and clothing. She spreads her legs wide on the bed providing Dina with a look of her shaved pussy. Dina places the beat, scouring Alice's clit and making her groan. Alice takes as much time as necessary cumming. She purchases considerably additional time licking Dina's pussy in correspondence. However, she can't keep Dina near the very edge of climax for eternity. Dina cums in her mouth.
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