Girlsway - The Bender Trap

Publish Date:18.02.2023
April O'Neil moved to another town for school. At the point when Ashley Adams finds April's telephone number on an internet based school message board and calls her, April couldn't be more joyful. She's still new around and hasn't made any companions yet. At the point when April figures out Ashley is concentrating on exactly the same thing she will be, she's excited. The young ladies set a get together time for tomorrow around lunchtime and hang up their telephones. At the point when Ashley makes an appearance to April's place, April asks her where her PC is so they can study. Ashley makes sense of that she some way or another broke it and presently needs to sort it out. She welcomes her inside and they plunk down on April's bed. Ashley has an admission. She's not a visual creator; she saw April's photos and just needed to meet. While April concedes that that is a little strange, she's in some way complimented by the work. At the point when Ashley inclines in for a kiss, she kisses her back. The young ladies make out for some time until April runs her hands on Ashley's chest and acknowledges she has bosoms. At the point when Ashley lifts up her shirt, she shows April her tremendous tits. April, who is straight, doesn't have the foggiest idea what to say. Ashley confesses to her that that was her last confidential and that she just sincerely couldn't completely accept that how hot April was and needed to meet her.
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