Evil Angel - Single Black Female

Publish Date:24.03.2023
Natassia Dreams is looking for a roommate to share her large downtown loft, and Kira Noir is eager to check it out. Kira, who is wearing big boobs with deep cleavage and little shorts over her bubble butt, explains that she is a fan of Internet star Natassia's work. Pretty, busty Natassia tries to pull a tight dress over her huge ass cheeks in the bathroom... as pervy, new roommate Kira peeks! Kira invades Natassia's bedroom, trying on her lingerie and sniffing her panties. Natassia invites Kira to eat delicious, gender confirmed pussy after catching her with the undies in her mouth. Kira eats greedily and drools, her tongue painting Natassia with pleasure. The naked curvy girls exchange passionate French kisses and caresses.
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