Mommys Girl - Shouldn't Dad Do That??

Publish Date:10.12.2022
After entering her bedroom, Chanel Preston locks the door behind her. Oh my, that was a long day. She bites her lip and murmurs to herself, "I need to relax...!" as she strips off her clothes. She reclines on the bed and starts masturbating sensually.
Autumn Falls, Chanel's stepdaughter, soon opens the bedroom door without knocking and starts to speak to her mother. Chanel isn't yet aware of Autumn because she has her eyes closed. Autumn halts abruptly and remains silent while observing her mother's actions with both confusion and interest.
After a brief interval, Chanel's eyes flicker open, revealing Autumn. She quickly stops masturbating when she realises in shock that she has been caught. Chanel is a little agitated.
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