Web Young - Schoolgirl Curiosity

Publish Date:25.10.2022
In Athena Rayne's bedroom, Athena Rayne and Chloe Cherry are laughing and fooling about. Oh, he is the WORST! Athena chuckles. Chloe concurs, "He is, absolutely." Chloe asks, referring to his clothing. Athena chuckles, "The one he wears EVERY SINGLE DAY." Athena remarks, "Yeah, doesn't he realise that since he teaches the same students every day, they'll notice that he always wears the same thing?" Seriously, she doesn't believe he ever washes it since it smells so strange, says Chloe with a chuckle.

Athena is about to speak when her phone buzzes with a received text, cutting her off. She takes a moment to read it while she looks down at it with focus. That's strange, Athena muses idly. Chloe asks, "What?" Her brother has just texted her, I guess.
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