Web Young - Paper Thin Walls

Publish Date:26.05.2023
Teenage girlfriends Gianna Dior and Jade Baker are hanging around at Gianna's house. Since Jade will be meeting Gianna's mother, Alexis Fawx, for the first time, she is anxious about how she would respond. Even though her mother is traditional, Gianna reassures her that everything will be okay.
Gianna introduces them informally when Alexis gets home. Gianna's mother is friendly and welcoming despite Jade's shyness. Gianna requests that Jade stay the night because they are getting along so well. The two girls must stay in separate rooms, but Alexis agrees after a moment of hesitation.
Later that evening, Gianna calls to Jade across the wall separating their rooms as she settles into her guest room.
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