Girlsway - No-Nonsense Nanny

Publish Date:20.12.2022
Dee Williams is a harried single parent a little of help. With an end goal to set her life back up, she begins talking with babysitters to get a touch of additional assistance around the house.
At the point when Rabbit Colby shows up, she perceives how worn out and focused on Dee is. All things being equal, she is unmoved by the condition of the house and the amount of a sucker Dee is! Except if she figures out how to be more severe, she will constantly be exploited and worn out. Thus, before Dee can train her family, she initially must be focused herself!
Dee is stunned however charmed by this suggestion. Frantic for help, she asks Rabbit precisely HOW she will be focused...
Dee's eyes open wide with interest as Rabbit starts pulling BDSM things from her travel bag. Cowhide collars, subjugation rope, a huge dildo that Rabbit claims is for one more day... In spite of the fact that it's all new to her, Dee is energized and prepared to submit. Besides the fact that she needs to learn discipline, however have a tad of tomfoolery, as well!
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