Web Young - My Favorite Sisters

Publish Date:26.01.2023
While Lola's parents are away, Jenna is on her way to meet Keira for an overnight playdate. Unfortunately, Lola, Keira's wild step-sister, shows there to wreck their life while they are deciding what to do. Lola, the snarky vegan sister who had just graduated from college, was lonely, but she would never acknowledge it. The best pals were the only ones she could impose on. Jenna observes the sister drama from the sidelines in an awkward manner. Keira is reassured by Jenna that their slumber party would be a ton of fun. Things begin to turn romantic in Keira's room. Keira claims to be interested in Jenna, and Jenna acknowledges that she has had similar thoughts for Keira.
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