Girlsway - Mission Im-pussible

Publish Date:07.03.2023
Zoe Sparx, a government operative, holds up in a safehouse. She looks serious and is clearly anticipating a person or thing. There is a thump on the entryway. Zoe tenses and goes to the entryway. She opens it, uncovering Keira Croft, who ventures inside.
The two of them out of nowhere turn as they hear development. An envelope is bafflingly sneaked by the entryway. They get it and promptly get serious. They open the organizer and decisively spread out the papers across a table. Slouched together over the desk work, they go over their task, which is to entice an objective at a significant foundation occasion.
The government operatives at last notification a headshot of their objective and understand that it's a lady. The two of them are quickly dazed and obviously terribly lost.
They choose to rehearse enticement methods on one another to make themselves more OK with tempting ladies. They are both a piece not entirely settled.
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