All Girl Massage - Inclined To Help

Publish Date:27.01.2023
Spencer Bradley is cleaning up at the back rub parlor, when there is a thump at the entryway. The guest is her closest companion Maddy May, who has come around to return a jewelry that she acquired from Spencer to wear for a date. Spencer asks Maddy how the date went, and Maddy, who is straight, says the person was a genuine flop. Spencer, a lesbian, says she's actually occupied with preparing to turn into a masseuse, so she had opportunity and willpower to track down a sweetheart.

Maddy asks Spencer how her preparation is going. Spencer says that her end of the year test is coming up, and concedes that she's apprehensive in light of the fact that she feels like she hasn't had sufficient work on giving support kneads. Maddy is new to reinforce rubs, and becomes inquisitive. Spencer offers to give Maddy a reinforce knead at the present time so she can see what it's like, adding that it would be an incredible assistance since it would permit Spencer to get some additional training before her test. Maddy is anxious to help her companion, so she acknowledges.
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