Girlsway - Hitchhiker Hijinks

Publish Date:23.01.2023
Candice Dare and Bella Rolland are abandoned on the side of the road. Bella can't get a sign on her cellphone yet Candice appears to be persuaded that she can wave to the following driver that occurs by. Bella sneers, demanding that Nobody stops these days to get drifters, so what does Candice have arranged that will make THEM the special case?

Candice smiles as she guarantees Bella that she has a stunt at her disposal. She pulls her shirt up over her bosoms, blazing the following driver that occurs by as Bella watches on with shock. Sadly, the driver drives directly past, irritating Candice. Candice then, at that point, urges Bella to streak her tits, as well, however as the following driver additionally drives by, The two of them are offended!

At last, Candice starts a kiss, figuring that perhaps they can get somebody to stop in the event that they profess to be lesbians. Normally, as Bella offers once again into the kiss and intensity works between them, the dream transforms into the genuine article. Rather than sitting around idly for another driver, the two young ladies hustle off into the forest to get it done.
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