All Girl Massage - Here Comes the Bride: Part One

Publish Date:19.12.2022
Abigail Mac, the bride-to-be, shows maid of honor and best friend Natasha Voya where the magic of her wedding will take place. They are mesmerized by the beauty and scenery as they walk around the grounds. Abigail shows Natasha the master bedroom, which features a beautiful hot tub that the bride-to-be can't wait to get into. Abigail, feeling overwhelmed by everything, lies in the bathtub, begging Natasha to massage her body with oil. Natasha, a good friend, complies with her demands, assuring Abigail that everything is in order for the wedding and that she should just relax. Natasha rubs Abigail's chest and neck, gently circling over her friend's enormous boobs and nipples, but this is insufficient for Abigail.
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