Mommys Girl - Enough Is Enough!

Publish Date:08.02.2023
Haley Reed, a young woman, is enjoying herself in her room. Cherie DeVille, her stepmother, enters without knocking. Both of them scream in shock.
Cherie apologises for not knocking and informs Haley that she is still getting used to being a step-mom after only a few weeks of doing so. Haley acknowledges that she isn't angry at her, but incredibly embarrassed! Although she feels humiliated as well, Cherie reminds Haley that she doesn't have to. It's also Haley's home! After all, it's perfectly normal to molest oneself, so You must act as necessary. Even though I'm your step-mom and you're 18 now, I really have nothing to say.
Cherie rushes off while still feeling ashamed.
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