Girlsway - Dream Pairings: The Nanny Cam

Publish Date:06.12.2022
While Reena Sky's military husband is deployed in Iraq, he asks her to seduce and videotape the nanny Romi Rain. Reena realizes he's serious after hearing his request several times. Reena considers her options and concludes that Romi is attractive and that she enjoys her company. Reena adores her husband and wishes to please him. If cheating is her wifely duty, she'll fuck the nanny and share the video recording. Reena is looking forward to Romi's arrival today because she knows how much it will please her husband.
Reena swoons over Romi's tits when she walks in wearing a skimpy white tank top. She remains at home while Romi dusts and the baby sleeps. The girls begin discussing relationships.
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