Mommys Girl - Closet Confessions

Publish Date:28.01.2023
Laney Grey and Skye Blue, two teen best friends, are hanging out in Laney's room. Dee Williams, Laney's stepmother, comes in and reminds her that she needs to clean out the closet in the guestroom. Dee has been nagging her for WEEKS to finish the chore. Whether Skye is present or not, if Laney does not complete the closet TODAY, she will be GROUNDED.
Laney tries to ignore the chore as soon as Dee leaves, but Skye persuades her to do it. Skye does not want to see her friend grounded. Besides, if they both work together, they'll be finished with the chore in no time!
Laney and Skye begin cleaning and discover an old diary, which they realize belongs to them.
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