Web Young - Cheerleader's Nerdy Secret

Publish Date:29.12.2022
High school burnout resident Paisley Paige is loitering in the school parking lot when Alexia Anders, who is hurried and preoccupied, runs into her and knocks her backpack to the ground. Paisley is made fun of by Alexia, a well-liked cheerleader with a cruel streak, but she makes an effort not to let it affect her. However, Paisley discovers a pornographic comic book where Alexia's backpack was as she heads back to school. She is shocked to learn that Alexia has a kinky side and is also a huge nerd!
Calling Alexia again, Paisley is smugly eager to brag about his recent discoveries. Paisley promises to show the book to other pupils, despite Alexia's best efforts to claim ownership.
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